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More and more robots are now making their way into the classroom.  Our robots are aimed at developing an interest in engineering, math science and technology.  Since our  robotís method is interactive, learning is more fun for the student, and as a result, proves to be more fruitful.   Students at all levels are fascinated with our hands-on approach to robots and robotics.


The focus of the Program presented is to expand on the studentís interest in robots, robotics, engineering, science, computers and mechanics. Students around the country now build and compete with their own  robots at schools.


Introduction to the science of robotics, Robots in the workplace, Building your own robot, Hazardous Duty Robots

Program Length:

45 minute Program

Age Group:

Kindergartenó12th Grade

(program geared to specific age group)

Group Size:

Limited only by size of facility, but recommended groups of 50 or less.

Presentation Area:

Floor level students should be seated so the presenter can move freely among the audience, school cafeteria, gym or classroom.  Presentation area should be clear and available 30 minutes prior to the first program.  20 to 30 minutes required between program presentations.

Also Available Are:

School Assembly Educational Programs,

 Educational Robotic Workshops

School Fund Raisers,

Entertainment Robot Rentals

Rates for Long Island Schools only

1 classroom show 25 students     200.00

1 Gym Show         50 students     300.00

    2 Gym Shows      100 students     500.00    

             Fund Raisers     200.00 per Hour              

Robot Rentals  200.00 per hour for Long Island Schools only.

Out of Area Or out of State the hourly rate is 300.00 per hour plus expenses

We can do two School shows a day.

We also have robot workshops and a  hands-on program where the students construct their own robots.  Magic Presentations and Workshops also available please call for pricing at 516 826 3806. 

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