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It's Your World We just want to play in it.  

Credits:  Include The Movies Robots, Ice Pirates, Commercials TV, And Numerous Marketing And Advertising Campaigns.

Robots Built for Infoquest Science Museum New York N.Y.



WALL-E, Rosie from The Jetsons and Data from Star Trek. These are just a few of the automated wonders that have touched our lives. Just imagine having one host your get-together! Party robots are all the rage for school functions, tradeshows and more.

 Safety Robots  For Nassau County N.Y.  Police Department




Quality and Workmanship are our watch words when it comes to building your Robotic Mascot .  Customer Support is Key to making your company robot operator comfortable learning to use your new robotic mascot.

 Custom Built Robot Mascot Built For Major Corporations

Building and renting Promotional Robots Since 1979

The Process Starts in our Facility  Design Build And the Finished Product.



Trade Shows are a great place to promote your products and services, and what better way to convey your message at a trade show or product introduction event than with a high tech interactive robotic operator controlled Promotional Robot. 

Robot Built for Klein Tools Inc.

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